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The Boss is back in town [Aug. 18th, 2005|12:42 am]
Team Rocket


I must apologise for my absance...

I couldnt remember my password...

but i guessed it right finaly

And now we are back in business

First off updates...

There will be many updates soon as well as the long awated ''why James is gay and why all ''rocket shippers'' are wrong and evil. We are Rockets of the finest standared

Secondly Ranking...

We must start bring order to this comm i suggest a ranking method which can then hold onto and keep when we move to the website (yes people web site)


Is thirdly a real word? Assistance... unfortunatly I seem to be rather busy so i need a right hand to help in the running of this comm and the web site when it is completed the lucky sole will have the pleasure of being my right hand and maintaining the LJ side of things when we move to Team Rocket HQ (the website)as well as helping me run the site



Once ranking has been establised i intend to start handing out assinments which must be carried out to the highest of Rocket standards and evidence will be required (i.e. digi cam)(Dont worry its all in the name off fun and keeping my Rockets training in tip top condition)

Any ideas for missions/assignments will be very welcome


Take your pokemon (if you dont have any real ones improvise) to your nearest largest city and have your picture taken infront of the most famouse monument in that city with a half fat decafe mocha in FULL Rocket uniform or just with your insignia (R)


Partners, we need to start partnering you (my rockets) up if anyone has an agent in mind that they would like to be partnered with let me know asap and ill see what i can sort out

We will be the biggest, baddest and best TR faction and then no one can stop us capturing pikatu!

*Giggles manicly*